DEEJAY JAY mot vit bakgrund



Deejay jay, Aplhaman, Tony T & Mr. Melo - Fuego

Summer of 2018 Deejay Jay released "Fuego" with Alphaman, Mr Melo and worldfamous artist Tony T. Tony T (RIO) has over 46 000 000 wiews on Youtube just for "Shine on".

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Deejay jay & Matilda Waldner - Wonderwall

In April 2018, Deejay Jay and singer Matilda Waldner released "Wonderwall". The single was released all over Europe and reached No 12 on Dutch Dance Top 40 (Netherlands, Holland, Belgium).

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Deejay jay feat. Stephi and F-Flex - Causing a commotion

In late 2012 Deejay Jay feat Stephi and D-Flex "Causing a commotion" was released. Promotional DJ-tour was made in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca), Sweden (Stockholm) and Bulgaria (Albena, Sunny beach, Golden Sands).

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Deejay jay feat. Sisqo - Baltimore Street

In 2011 Deejay Jay hooked up with American superstar Sisqo (known from Dru Hill and the world- wide hit "Thong song") and they immediately started working together on the track "Baltimore Street". The project is called Deejay Jay ft Sisqo.


Deejay jay vs Dilba - Im sorry

Deejay Jay vs Dilba: "I'm sorry" (The 5'th single, X5 Music group) was released in 2011. Dilba performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

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Deejay jay feat. Pandora - Call me

The ultimate summer hit of 2008 was made in cooperation with Nokia. The international artist Pandora (5 million records sold worldwide) had the perfect voice for the track Deejay Jay ft Pandora: "Call me" (The 4'th single, EMI music). The track went No 5 in Sweden and was released all over Scandinavia and also in Japan.

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Dina & deejay jay - Bli hos mig/Say goodbye

In 2007 Norwegian superstar Dina & Deejay Jay released "Bli hos mig/Say goodbye". The hit was a number one in Norway for several weeks and all over the charts in Scandinavia. The song became 'smash hit' on the international radio station Radio seven. Dina & Deejay Jay also toured in Spain since the song was a huge success in the Mediterranean area.

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Galaxy feat. Deejay jay - Fell in love with an alien

During the summer of 2006 Galaxy feat Deejay Jay "Fell in love with an alien" (The 2'nd single, Sony BMG) reached top ten on the Scandinavian charts for 11 weeks and the video was shot in Spain by a German video team.

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Luca feat. Deejay jay - Bachi bachi

In August 2005 Luca feat Deejay Jay reached No 1 on the Swedish chart with the track 'Bachi bachi' (The 1'st single, Universal music). The song also reached top ten on the Scandinavian dance chart and was relesed in many other countries. The video was filmed in Cuba and Barcelona and was one of the most requested in Scandinavia at that time.

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